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Nominee Criteria

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The nominee must be:

  • An innovative risk-taker, changemaker, and business starter who’s had an impact on society.
  • The owner or a member of top management of a company that has been operating for less than 15 years and was established in Egypt.
  • The entrepreneur themselves, and not their company, but criteria is based on their success and impact within that company

Evaluation Criteria


An entrepreneur

  • With a clear vision that embodies skills like leadership, resilience, and originality.
  • Has the ability to penetrate new markets, create opportunities, and make a valuable impact.
  • Provides a unique value proposition represented through brand image, strategic plans, and an innovative approach.


All submitted material will remain confidential and only be seen by the EEA team and our judges. All judging discussions will not be shared or discussed with anyone outside of the judging panel. Nominee profiles may be used in pre- and post-event material to promote their success stories and best practices. Permission will be sought from the entrants before publishing relevant material.

Categories and Description

Please apply for the category that is most relevant to you and the business you own.

FEATURED Industries

Architecture & Interior Design

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For designers and innovators who grew their passion into a successful business in the fields of architectural design, interior design, furniture design, and/or product design.

Best Egyptian Product

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For entrepreneurs who built home-grown, Egypt’s most loved emerging consumer brands that could be within the domains of homeware, cosmetics, specialty foods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics, packaged goods, etc.


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For entrepreneurs that own online retail shops, platforms, suppliers, brands, or any company that trades online and provides seamless consumer experiences aided by digital technology generally improving how their customers browse, try, and buy products.

Fashion - Apparel and Accessories Design

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For local designers whose creative clothing and/or accessory brands broke barriers in the regional and even global fashion world.

This award is presented by the Egyptian Fashion & Design Counil

Fashion - Jewelry Design

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For local jewelers whose designs are perfect in craftsmanship and innovative across generations, markets, and cultures.


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For entrepreneurs who have a product or service that continues transforming and innovating the financial technology sector in areas such as e-payments, digital lending, personal finance, blockchain, insurtech, and/or regtech to name but a few.

Fitness & Lifestyle

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For entrepreneurs who have impacted the sports and fitness scene in Egypt by launching gyms, training facilities, performance centers, new sports, camps, sporting events, adventure activities and more – all to help the community achieve better lifestyles.

Hazem El Dalati Food & Beverage Fast Casual

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For entrepreneurs who strive to provide unique F&B offerings with their fast casual brands which include fast food restaurants. food trucks, coffee shops, specialty shops, etc that have taken Egypt’s taste-buds by storm.

General Tech Services

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For entrepreneurs that offer innovative technology services that deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers.

Lifetime Achievement

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For entrepreneurs who after building their own successful companies, go above and beyond to invest in and support other entrepreneurs, thus creating further value in the eco-system.

(Presented by Endeavor)

Media & Advertising

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For entrepreneurs in the advertising space be it through powerful communication strategies, the creation of unique brands, the production of original storylines, development of iconic ads and/or the use of innovative digital content.

Next Generation Family Intrapreneur of the Year

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For 2nd or 3rd generation entrepreneurs transforming and leading their long-standing family business.

(Presented by the American Chamber - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee)

Real Estate Development & Servicing

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For entrepreneurs who provide valuable experiences for their customers within the real estate industry be it through the creation of innovative developments, creative adaptive reuse of buildings, brokerage services, and/or property management and financing generally using tech “proptech” to improve how people buy, sell, and rent properties.

Social Entrepreneurship

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For entrepreneurs leading a social enterprise or a socially-driven business that is focused on addressing a major social and/or economic issue in the region, driving positive change in the community, and giving back to society.


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For entrepreneurs who help drive tourism to Egypt by using technology, creative content, boutique-style accommodation, and/or unique travel packages.

Transportation & Logistics

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For entrepreneurs who implement new evolving business models to digitally transform the movement of resources or the management of that movement with more safety, coordination, and planning.

UN SGDs – Education

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For entrepreneurs who contributed to the transformation of education through technology “edtech” by creating more data-driven products that enrich the lives of many more learners and support the UN’s SDG on Quality Education.

UN SDGs - Environmental Sustainability

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For entrepreneurs whose technology improves sustainability “cleantech” and/or lowers carbon emissions and supports the UN’s SDGs on Affordable and Clean Energy, Responsible Consumption & Production, or Sustainable Cities.

UN SDGs – Healthcare

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For entrepreneurs whose use of emerging technology “healthtech” significantly improves the public’s health, innovation in medicine production, or efficiencies in biotech processes and supports the UN’s SDG on Good Health

Young Entrepreneur of the Year*

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For young entrepreneurs, who launched their company less than 5 years ago, are less than 35 years of age, and implement new technologies to solve old problems.

*When submitting an application for any other award category, you may select that your application be nominated for this category as well if applicable.

Applications are now closed for 2021