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Egypt's 1ST Entrepreneur Awards

Introducing Egypt’s first awards ceremony, honoring the nations’ brightest entrepreneurs – the People of Now – across various industries in a night filled with glamour, networking, entertainment and above all, appreciation.

Why are we here?

Celebrate the achievements of today's entrepreneurs

Inspire future generations of innovators and changemakers

Establish a network of like-minded individuals


Unique Nomination Criteria
All our nominated entrepreneurs should be business-starters who push boundaries in their industry, demonstrate values that have earned them respect from their colleagues, and create positive change in the community. These are the ambitious people who drive creativity and excel in everything they do. They are role models to others and therefore deserve recognition.
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An innovative risk-taker, changemaker, and business starter who’s had an impact on society.
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Must be the owner or a member of top management of a company that has been operating for less than 15 years and was established in Egypt.
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The nominee must be the entrepreneur themselves, and not their company, but criteria is based on their success and impact within that company.

Evaluation Process

We are focused on assessing universal entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, resilience, brand image, vision, growth, impact, market knowledge, innovation, and strategy.

There will be a specific judging committee panel for each award made up of relevant industry experts, experienced businessmen, and leaders from academia.

These industry-specific Jury Panels will identify additional evaluation criteria for that award, shortlist the nominees, and select the finalists for each category.

Event Timeline

Feb – Jun 2021

Feb 25th

Applications open

Mar 6th

Launch Event

Mar 9th

Jury Announcement

Apr 6th

Applications Close

May 4th

Finalists Selected

Jun 12th

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Jury Panels



Award Categories

FEATURED Industries

We're celebrating entrepreneurs across more than 15 industries. Click below to view more details regarding each category and its description so you know which one to apply to.

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